Wordsnmusic5 "The Gotcha Show" Stories And Songs With Twists

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Wordsnmusic5 "The Gotcha Show" Stories And Songs With Twists
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Wordsnmusic5 "The Gotcha Show" Stories And Songs With Twists says
wordsnmusic 5
the "gotcha show" stories with surprise endings

remember your textbooks from 7th grade english; the poem by robert frost and having to explain to your classmates why taking the road less traveled made all the difference; the excerpt from thoreau's journal like your really cared what he spent every month on kerosene; but then there was the story by O-henry or by Saki. So delightful. So unpredictable. Great endings. Thats what I have for you in this show. 5 stories with surprise endings all well told by our tellers.

I have been searching up and down for different storytellers since the last show. I have been competing at the Moth and one night I told I heard an incredible story by a young woman Lesley Jones. Her story was so subtle and so bold I signed her up for this show. She will knock you out.
I also grabbed the host of the Moth for years Danielle Gregoire. I have heard her a couple of times and her stage presence is so strong and storytelling so good you will be mesmerized. I want her to be a regular. She is now producing independent shows. I would pay just to see her do a solo performance.
I heard Erin Walker tell her account of her travels in Ireland and it was chilling. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. She is unbelievable.
Nathan Vass does not have a lot of stories but the few he has are spectacular. The one he has for you this show is just great.
When he told it at Fresh Ground Stories earlier this year I was grateful I wasn't the one who had to follow him.
Roo and the Few are doing 2 sets of Roo's songs. I know I should be using other musicians but I just like them too much. The next best act is a huge drop in talent.
I have a story that is very good but I'm afraid in this group it just pales by comparison, I am also doing a music set. Paul couldn't make this show so I will be inadequately filling his shoes.

Well thats the line up. 12 and half bucks on line. I know its mothers day. I know its a Sunday. This is our fifth show and they keep getting better. There is so much talent in this city. I already have WordsNMusic6 filled. These are storytellers and musicians who deserved to be heard and appreciated. Don't miss this show.

David Schumer
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