Garry Winogrand: Women are Beautiful

Garry Winogrand
Courtesy of the artist and Sungkok Art Museum
Garry Winogrand is often described as a “street photographer,” but in an interview with Barbara Diamonstein from the ’80s, he said that this kind of name calling is outright “foolish.” He explains that he’s a photographer who is quick when it comes to capturing a moment, but a photograph is not defined by time nor speed—it is what’s left over after the shutter is clicked. As a child, Winogrand was attracted to zoos, and as a man, he was “compulsively interested in women.” Although some feminists take issue with female subjects portrayed bra-less, or with their legs spread open, others counter that Winogrand didn’t hide himself either. So I leave the verdict up to the women who will take the time to visit this exhibit. 


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