Bolivian Food Festival at the Millennium Seoul Hilton


Starting on August 4th and lasting till the 13th, Café 395 will host a special 10 day showcase of Bolivian cuisine. Mr. Diego Crispieri, a Bolivian cuisine specialist, is being formally invited by the Bolivian Embassy to participate in this event. The cuisine stems from indigenous Aymaran food with influences from Spanish cuisine. The traditional staples of the nation’s cuisine are corn, potatoes and beans with unique flavors created by using various spices and condiments. Bolivian trout and lizard ceviche, Aji de Fideo (fresh chili ravioli) and Pique Macho (beef tenderloin sauté) are among the 10 dishes that are included in the menu. This will be a great opportunity to try out the representative cuisine of this South American country.

By: Dong Mi Lee


Event phone: 02-317-3062
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