Zandari Festa

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Zandari Festa

Everything about Zandari is what makes Hongdae truly Hongdae with awesome bands and shows created by the artists themselves. If you’d grown weary of the area, with all the “booking” clubs, it’s worth  returning for Zanadari in September and early October. This festival will showcase established and up-and-coming acts at 20 different venues in the neighborhood. Concerts and conferences will connect the public with indie musicians and industry professionals, creating a sustainable cultural exchange. As 150 domestic teams have already submitted their  applications to be a part of the event, the line-up is packed with the best of Hongdae: Galaxy Express, The Barberettes, Billy Carter, Say Sue Me, Burning Hepburn, The Veggers, Kingston Rudieska, Vassline, Biuret, Sons of Tiger, National Pigeon Unity, we hate jh, Earip and many more. Some of the venues included are the ledendary Hongdae clubs, so carrying your governmentissued ID/passport is advised.

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