Wake Up City Festa 2016

Things to do

If speed and water are you thing, get ready to slide down at Wake Up City Festa. A growing summer trend around the world is the inflatable water slide. Last year, New Jersey won a Guinness Record for installing a 610 meter inflatable slide where riders could reach speeds up to 53km per hour! Now, major cities around the world are bringing the slide into an urban environment for city dwellers to take a quick ride, and luckily, Seoul is one of them. Shinchon had the honor of hosting the first Wake Up City Festa this summer.

Don’t be disappointed that you couldn’t make it to Sinchon’s Wake Up City Festa last month. Due to its popularity last year, the event-planners have created a second venue this time around. The outer vicinity of the DDP complex will be hosting the fiesta for 10 days starting Friday, July 29th. The main attraction that is the ginormous water slide at DDP is scheduled to be a 150 meters long. Go with friends, family, and/or your loved ones to this urban experience to relieve the summer heat. Remember to bring your pool floats and toys to add a little speed and fun. Other attractions will include a pool and water balloon events. As the sun sets, DJ’s will liven up the scene at the nearby stage to turn the event into an EDM pool party.

A variety of different performances are scheduled throughout the day at the stage before the EDM party. Among them will be Fanta-Stick. They are a theater production house dedicated to the fusion of contemporary performing arts and Gugak (traditional Korean music). Well known for using diverse techniques including break dancing, martial arts, and Samul nori, you can expect to see something interesting as the non-verbal act will fill the ambience with drumming and dynamic movement. The hour long performances on July 29th starting at 3pm and August 6th starting at 5pm while enjoying the water are ones you can’t miss!

Each day will be separated into 3 sessions; A from 10am to 2pm, B from 3pm to 7pm, C from 8pm to 11pm.

By: Chuljunsung


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