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A look at the most fun group Halloween costumes for Halloween

Multiply the good times with these great group Halloween costumes for the whole squad

Written by
Jasmine Dilmanian

Coordinate with a group of friends or with your little ones this Halloween to create maximum costume impact! Dressing up can either be a pleasure or a chore, so we’re here to make sure that your Beauty and the Beast costume set or your Flinstones family getup will impress all the lookers-on. We’ve compiled a list of spook-tastic adult and child-friendly group costumes that will bring a smile to your face and earn you the tastiest trick-or-treating goodies on the block. And the best part? Next year, if you ditch your group, you can still rock your costume solo!

Have a blast with these group Halloween costumes

Cool Runnings, mon

Finally, justice for the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team! This hilarious four-man group costume, made famous from the Cool Runnings film, will catapult you to stardom at any Halloween parade.

$29.95 on


Action heroes like Superman deserve as much imitation as they can get. Group up this year with a range of Superman, Superwoman, and Superkid Halloween costumes.

$4-$20 on

Go, team!

You know what they say: If you can’t join ‘em, dress like ‘em. Grab two buddies and put on these adult sports costumes – golf, baseball, and basketball  – and live out your fantasy on Halloween.

$21-$34 on

Eat up

You should never pass up a good American meal – even on Halloween. This range of novelty costumes includes a burger, sriracha, glass of beer, and other diner favorites.

$3-$40 on


From Twister to Chess to the classic Tic-tac-toe, you can choose any combination of your favorite childhood games to make Halloween crowds a little nostalgic. Plus, they come in both adult and child sizes.

$5-$56 on

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