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A look at the most fun group Halloween costumes for Halloween

Multiply the good times with these great group Halloween costumes for the whole squad

Written by
Jasmine Dilmanian

Coordinate with a group of friends or with your little ones this Halloween to create maximum costume impact! Dressing up can either be a pleasure or a chore, so we’re here to make sure that your Beauty and the Beast costume set or your Flinstones family getup will impress all the lookers-on. We’ve compiled a list of spook-tastic adult and child-friendly group costumes that will bring a smile to your face and earn you the tastiest trick-or-treating goodies on the block. And the best part? Next year, if you ditch your group, you can still rock your costume solo!

Have a blast with these group Halloween costumes

Family bites

1. Family bites

Why scare the treat-or-treating masses with one vampire costume when you can do it with three? This one’s a family affair.

$5-$55 on

Tale as old as time

2. Tale as old as time

Dress as the beautiful Belle, the ghastly Beast, or the pompous Gaston this Halloween, and even extend the Disney fun to your baby or toddler!  

$5-$100 on

Cool Runnings, mon

3. Cool Runnings, mon

Finally, justice for the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team! This hilarious four-man group costume, made famous from the Cool Runnings film, will catapult you to stardom at any Halloween parade.

$29.95 on

4. New McDonald has a farm

This farmer-and-farm animals group costume will earn your little ones (or your big friends) plenty of candy; choose from a horse, lamb, chicken, and more. 

$35-50 on

Cheers, bro

5. Cheers, bro

Celebrate the fact that you and two friends have indeed just graduated college by partnering up for this beer bottle case Halloween costume. Bottoms up!

$19.95 on


6. Supersquad

Action heroes like Superman deserve as much imitation as they can get. Group up this year with a range of Superman, Superwoman, and Superkid Halloween costumes.

$4-$20 on

Go, team!

7. Go, team!

You know what they say: If you can’t join ‘em, dress like ‘em. Grab two buddies and put on these adult sports costumes – golf, baseball, and basketball  – and live out your fantasy on Halloween.

$21-$34 on


8. Yaba-daba-doo

A Flinstones costume on Halloween never gets old. This one gets the whole gang together, from Fred to Betty. We do, however, recommend proper footwear.

$74.95 on

Stranger danger

9. Stranger danger

Get your spook on with this group Halloween costume of the Stranger Things cast. A great selection of accessories is available, down to Eleven’s blond wig and a Hawkins Police Department mug.

$8-$50 on

Eat up

10. Eat up

You should never pass up a good American meal – even on Halloween. This range of novelty costumes includes a burger, sriracha, glass of beer, and other diner favorites.

$3-$40 on


11. I’ll huff and I’ll puff…

This Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf group costume each come in various sizes from infant to grownup so even your littlest piglet can try to reason with the wolf.

$40-$50 on

12. Playing games

From Twister to Chess to the classic Tic-tac-toe, you can choose any combination of your favorite childhood games to make Halloween crowds a little nostalgic. Plus, they come in both adult and child sizes.

$5-$56 on

Three-piece sweet

13. Three-piece sweet

This adult three-piece s’mores costume will make you as hungry as you are well-dressed. All you have to decide is which lucky pal gets to be the marshmallow in the middle.

$59.99 on

14. Shiver your timbers

This bargain family costume is enough to make you want to join the Pirates of the Caribbean cast on their scary misadventures. Why not start them young?

$1-$35 on (available for pre-order)

In a galaxy far, far away

15. In a galaxy far, far away

This awesome collection of Star Wars adult and kid costumes ranges from a toddler Yoda to a boys’ Chewbacca. May the force be with you this Halloween.

$5-$41 on (available for pre-order)

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