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The cutest kids’ Halloween costumes to buy this year

Skip the makeshift costume this year and give your child the best fright night ever with our pick of the best Halloween costumes for kids

Written by
Jasmine Dilmanian

Make this the most adorable Halloween yet for your little terrors. Children’s costumes have come a long way from the days of bedsheets and taped-up cardboard. We’ve rounded up the top costumes for your tots, which don’t stop short of a NASA astronaut, tango dancer and even George Washington. Take these ideas for Halloween and act fast – your kids' Halloween relies on it! And you want to make those guys happy, right? Especially when they're stuffed to the gills with sugar and candy…

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What child wouldn’t want to walk around in a giant inflatable dinosaur costume? This one, inspired by the Jurassic World film, works for kids 4 and older.

$39.99 at


Don’t mess with the new sheriff in town. Complete with chaps, a faux leather vest, and fringe accents, this costume will make trick-or-treaters think twice before messing with this little cowboy or girl.

$55 on

For the smaller ones, stick to the Halloween classics. This plush pumpkin costume is adorable thanks to a matching headpiece that completes the gourd motif.

$12 at


Inflatable animal rider for the win! This hilarious costume gives the illusion of your kid on the coolest piggyback ride ever. Remember, batteries are required.

$24.99 on

For babies, you can’t go wrong with Mickey Mouse (or perhaps his counterpart, Minnie). This personalizable bodysuit comes complete with a 3D ear beanie and is made from 100% organic cotton.

$19.95 on


Since everybody thinks their child is a sunny flower blossom, here’s an opportunity to bring that comparison to life. What kid wouldn’t be adorable with flower petals around their face?

$29.31 on

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