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11 best running headphones skullcandy

The best headphones for runners

Get your hands on something light, durable, versatile and secure for your next run with this list of the best running headphones

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Jasmine Dilmanian

Finding headphones for running can get you as exasperated as a run itself. Thankfully, technology has evolved past the days of portable clunk-like cassette players and the discman. Since we’re all plugging into our phones and mp3 players, the focus today is on the right-fitting earphones. So, which ones make the cut? Think durability, comfort and security for when you’re on the move. Crisp sound and a lightweight feel won’t hurt, either. In addition, there are some extra features to keep in mind, like magnets, ear gels and microphones for calling capability. Is your head spinning yet? Take a look through our roundup and pick your perfect pair of running headphones.

15 running headphones you’ll run to get your hands on

Long lasting

1. Long lasting

The Jaybird Sport in-ear headphones are not to be missed. These can take on rain and sweat and still last for eight hours. $129.99 on

Down to the wire

2. Down to the wire

These 1More earphones are beautifully designed and highly rated. For a no-frills pair that will last, look no further. $89.99 on

Black noise

3. Black noise

In addition to great sound, these headphones are noise-cancelling, making them a top contender for runners on a budget. $12.99 on

On the flip side
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4. On the flip side

These secure and compact wireless ear buds truly deliver. With great reverse-sound technology, you get a surround-sound effect while running. And you won’t pay the price! $34.99 on

Time to shine

5. Time to shine

Custom interchangeable earpads and magnetic discs make the plus earphones a great find. Their chic metallic look and nylon and metal construction are an added bonus. $200 on

Totally wired

6. Totally wired

In a gorgeous cobalt blue, these wired and streamlined headphones provide reliability and bang for your buck. $28.99 on

Complete comfort

7. Complete comfort

More like a headband, these AfterShokz headphones are wire-free, sturdy, secure, and cool-looking. With great sound quality too, you have nothing to lose on this pair. $99.95 on

Just the buds

8. Just the buds

These wireless in-ear buds are just the trick for runners who don’t want the fuss of a wire or any sort of frame. Just throw them in your ear and go! $79.99 on


9. Wrap-around

These convenient JVC wireless in-ear headphones wrap around your ear for extra security so you can enjoy being active without the worry. $27.99 on

Turn the Beats around

10. Turn the Beats around

The Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 3 are the wireless exercise-friendly earphones you need in your life. They fit closely and sound amazing. What are you waiting for? $199.95 on

Over and out

11. Over and out

If you’re an over-the-hear headphones type of person, this Skullcandy pair is your friend. Plus, who couldn’t use a little bit of a rebellious look? $98.99 on

The obvious choice

12. The obvious choice

Bose and sound are synonymous. Lightweight and designed for security and crisp sound, the SoundSport wireless headphones are ideal for a quick jog or long-haul run. $149.99 on

Value option

13. Value option

Insten makes quality in-ear headphones on the cheap. Compatible with almost any phone, these buds are comfortable, practical, and all you really need. $1.69 on

Making strides

14. Making strides

Designed with runners in mind, this bud set includes ear gels, a micro USB, and more. Plus, they have a built-in microphone for making calls on the run. $189.96 on

Fly like an eagle

15. Fly like an eagle

These FitBit Flyer earphones have over six hours of play time and are compatible with the FitBit device you already have. Runners – on your marks. $129.95 on

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