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The 18 best subscription boxes that are guaranteed to spark joy

From packages filled with global sweets to paperback books and more, these are the best subscription boxes around

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Jen Woo
Anna Rahmanan

People like packages because people like presents, and that’s why the best subscription boxes are like gifts that keep on giving. Every month or so, today’s subscription services deliver curated boxes straight to your doorstep that are packed with goodies ranging from clothes to coffee, wine, books, makeup, and more. There are offbeat offerings too, like hand-picked vinyl, vintage menswear, gourmet pickles, clothing specifically for women 5’4” and under, and even boxes for your pup.

So go ahead and indulge in a monthly gift to yourself — it’s called self-care, and you deserve it. But even if you don’t order one for yourself, these subscriptions are wonderful presents for loved ones, like surprise gifts that spark joy over and over again. Not sure what to pick? Here are just a few of the best subscription boxes that are guaranteed to tick all the boxes.

Best subscription boxes

1. Turntable Kitchen

Coffee and vinyl, what more do you need in life? There are different tiers to this subscription box, but they all have one thing in common: you'll get a 7-inch vinyl single paired with a 12 oz. bag of artisan roasted coffee. For a limited time, you can even select your favorite 7-inch for your first month. Can you think of a better morning ritual than a dose of quality caffeine and sweet tunes? We like the sound of it.

2. Chocolate and Book

Each month, devour some chocolate, a good book, and a hot drink. Select your favorite genre (or multiple) and you’ll get a recently published paperback that’s paired with chocolate and a beverage. If you ask us, this is a perfect subscription for colder months—cozy up with a great book as you nibble and sip.


3. SnackCrate

One of the best parts of traveling is the food, and with this subscription you'll taste treats from all over the world without leaving your zip code. Curated by “snack experts,” each box is themed around a new country: from Italy to Iran, Japan, Turkey, and beyond, you’ll get a selection of goodies directly from the source. Itching to travel? You'll be eligible to win a trip every month—if you receive a “Golden Adventure Ticket” in your box, you’ve won a trip to that month’s featured country!

4. Therabox

Think of Therabox as your “happiness plan.” Developed as a wellness box, the monthly subscription is chock-full of self-care goodness: natural, organic, and holistic items that include anything from incense to jade rollers, plus thoughtful activities like affirmation journals and brain-training exercises. You’ll clear your mind and soothe the soul with therapeutic happiness exercises and stress-reducing self-care products—say hello to new healthy habits.


5. Sips by

Calling all tea lovers: this one's for you. After taking a quiz to understand your preferences, Sips by will send a curated selection of four teas for $16 a month. Each box has enough tea to brew over 16 cups, so you’ll always have a unique tea on hand to sample and enjoy. The curated teas are sourced from 150 global brands that range from local tea shops to international labels—sure beats the tea aisle at your grocery store, don’t you think?

6. ArtSnacks

Looking for a creative outlet? From beginners to visual artists seeking extra inspiration, ArtSnacks offers a fresh dose of creativity delivered straight to your doorstep. Choose between two subscription levels and you’ll receive a curated box of high-quality art supplies each month—the idea is to get your creative juices flowing with brand-new tools. Your next delivery could very well be your next masterpiece!


7. Cocktail of the Month

It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? For $85 a month, this box sends specialty ingredients and recipes for unique cocktail creations such as fresh tonic syrup, tea-infused watermelon margarita mixers, and small-batch syrup for a swanky old-fashioned. That way, you can ditch the bar and enjoy your drink just how you like it—finally, happy hour comes home.

8. BarkBox

No one deserves special treats more than our favorite fur babies — every month, receive a collection of toys and treats for your pup that follow themes like “Highway to Howl” (inspired by the open road). For $23 a month, this subscription will delight every doggo and good boy alike.


9. Rent the Runway

Perhaps best known as the go-to place to rent designer pieces for special events, Rent the Runway also has a more casual option: a flexible membership. Get up to four styles at once spanning categories that range from tops and coats to purses and accessories (you can keep them for any duration of time). With over 10,000 styles from more than 400 designers, there are endless options to dress your best — plus, returns are free. A membership starts at $69 per month and $10 for a one-time rental.

10. Pickles Every Month

Talk about niche: pickle lovers will go gaga over this tasty subscription. Select a three, six, or 12-month subscription and you’ll receive a curated box with pickled treats. Some examples include plump pickled tomatoes, classic bread and butter pickle chips and, of course, extra-crunchy spears with salty seasoning. For pickle connoisseurs, this is our top pick.


11. The Book Drop

Think of this subscription like an independent bookstore in a box — you’ll get a curated selection of hand-wrapped paperback books (pulled from a handful of genres) every month. Fun themes include Books for Tea, Books for Bubbly, and the Book Droplet (geared towards readers aged three to seven). Looking to support lesser-known writers? Opt for the Book Drop.

12. Winc

Vino lovers, rejoice: with this subscription, you can have a box of wine that caters to your specific tastes. Just answer a few questions about your personal preferences and you’ll get a curated selection of reds and whites that matches your preferred palate. As you enter your ratings each month, recommendations become even more personalized, which means your box will get better and better over time.


13. Comma Vintage

While sorting through the racks at your local thrift shop is a great time killer — even a special skill, some might say — you can skip the hunt altogether. With Comma Vintage, you’ll receive a curated selection of retro menswear and accessories right on your doorstep. In the past, vintage items from brands like Pendleton, Levi’s, Nike, and L.L. Bean (as well as forgotten labels from yesteryear) have filled out these boxes in true vintage form.

14. PB & J of the Month Club

There’s no pairing more timeless than peanut butter and jelly. This box, however, takes it to the next level by transforming the classic combo into an artisanal experience. Rare, gourmet jellies and peanut butters produced all over the country are brought together by this monthly club. Our tongues are already tingling!


15. BoxyCharm

Beauty enthusiasts looking for inspiration: look no further. BoxyCharm is a three, six, or 12 month subscription that packs $175 worth of makeup, skincare, beauty tools, and color cosmetics into each delivery. A monthly box costs $25 and includes five full-size items from all name brands.

16. Short Story Box

If you’re petite, you’ll appreciate this perfectly tailored subscription—it curates clothes for women who are 5’4” or under (sizes range from 00P-18P). Expect five new articles of clothing with each delivery, and expect a selection that improves with time (your feedback on each item will be used to get the perfect selection the next time around).


17. FabFitFun

Four times a year, for $49.99 each, receive a box packed with eight to ten lifestyle products. From skincare to beauty, and wellness to home goods, this is the ideal gift for the women in your life who are on the lookout for the next best thing. Pick a plan, customize some of the products, and the rest is a surprise!

18. Dollar Shave Club

This one's not only about shaving: the highly coveted subscription will also deliver shampoo, toothpaste, and all other bathroom needs (products like One Wipe Charlies and Ball Spray). The first delivery can cost you as little as $5, followed by restock boxes to be sent six times a year—or whenever you prefer.

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