Worldwide icon-chevron-right The travel pillows you need to sleep well on-the-go

The travel pillows you need to sleep well on-the-go

Sweet dreams are made of this list of the best travel pillows

By Jasmine Dilmanian

If you've ever wanted to feel more comfortable when traveling, you’ve surely searched for the elusive perfect neck pillow. And everyone has a different preference when it comes to travel pillows – some hate the clumsiness of them while others will take support at any cost. There are, of course, the memory foam addicts (like yours truly) and, on the other side of the spectrum, the minimalists (see number one–the Trtl). Finding the right neck pillow is important because, given its fairly infrequent use, it will likely serve you well for years to come. No matter what your preference, there is a travel pillow for you. We’ve put together a list of the ones that will put you to sleep quickest. And we mean that as a compliment!

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Find the travel pillow that works for you

Best travel pillows 1 Trtl from Ebags

1. Lean on me

The Trtl (aka “turtle”) is a soft-touch scarf that wraps around your neck with a padded insert that you can lean on (to any side you wish). This is the lightest and most easily packable “pillow” you will find.

$29.99 on

Best travel pillows 2 Therm-a-rest from Moosejaw

2. The multi-tasker

The Therm-a-Rest compressible pillow is good for all kinds of traveling from a plane ride to a camping trip. It’s petite and comfortable – what else could you ask for?

$25-$35 on


3. A big blow-up

The advantage of an inflatable neck pillow is that it’s easy to fold up and put away when you’re done with it. And you can give your wallet a break!

$398 on

Best travel pillows 4 Cabeau 360 from Amazon

4. 360-degree comfort

Cabeau is what seasoned travelers think of when they think of a neck pillow. This Evolution memory foam headrest provides ultimate support in all directions and avoids that awkward tilting – and the soreness afterwards

$39.99 on

Best travel pillows 5 Air Comfy from Sears

5. A big deal

This massive and fluffy pillow, which comes with its own drawstring carrier, spares nothing when it comes to a relaxing and comfortable nap. The best part? It’s self-inflating!

$31.95 on

Best travel pillows 6 Nemofillo from Moosejaw

6. That’s a wrap

This wrap-around pillow rolls up and packs into just about any piece of luggage. The unique design keeps your head straight up for as long as you need it to. Plus, it has a washable cover.

$49.95 on

Best travel pillows 7 Travelon from Walmart

7. Better keep your head up

The Travelon Wrap ‘n Rest provides ultimate in-transit comfort for travelers on a budget. A double layer of pillowy goodness means double the support.

$23.99 on

Best travel pillows 8 BCozzy from Amazon

8. Chin up

For the ultimate chin support, turn to the highly-revered BCozzy travel pillow. Its special spiral design won’t let your neck fall backward, forward, or any which way.

$29.97 on

Best travel pillows 9 SwissGear from Target

9. No frills

This simple and minimalistic design by Swissgear is adjustable and frills-free. Its soft, plush surface ain’t too shabby, either.

$20 on

Best travel pillows 10 Samsonite from Bed Bath and Beyond

10. You better shape up

Choose whether you prefer a square or U shape with Samsonite’s 2-in-1 pillow for travel. This luxurious-feeling pillow even has a little pocket.

$19.99 on

Best travel pillows 11 Huzi infinity pillow from Amazon

11. Loop-de-loop

Ideal for a plane nap, the Huzi Infity Pillow is a big padded loop, similar in concept to an infinity scarf. Balance softness and support with this uniquely shaped find.

$29.99 on

Best travel pillows 12 Memory foam from Target

12. Make it snappy

Memory foam is our calling. That’s why this bendable pillow is one of our top picks – complete with a snap closure and all the support you could ask for.

$29.99 on


13. Cool, dude

The proprietary gel dough memory foam in this cooling travel pillow creates a supportive surface that’s nice and cold to the touch and totally moldable to the shape of your head and neck.

$24.99 on

Best travel pillows 14 Remedy from Home Depot

14. Twist and out

This bendy, twisty memory foam pillow is super simple and intuitive and definitely gets the jobe done. Leave it to the Home Depot.

$13.39 on

Best travel pillows 15 Best Buy

15. Tradition, tradition

For those who prefer a version of the traditional bed pillow for travel, there’s this memory foam pillow, which top-rated quality of sleep. This one’s great for relieving neck pressure and is mold-resistant.

$45.74 on


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