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milk and cookies costumes for halloween

The most awesome couples’ costumes to wear this Halloween

Because the couple who dress up together stay together. Get creative this Halloween with your couples' costume

By Jasmine Dilmanian

Why dress up as one when you can dress up as two this Halloween? The range of couples' costumes on the market naturally lend themselves to clever and often comical pairings. Like ketchup and mustard or Adam and Eve. And it doesn't hurt to think outside the box when dressing up with your partner or BFF. If that means dressing up as two halves of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, well, so be it. It's time to become one with the Halloween decorations! Check out our pick of some of the silliest, sexiest and down right odd couple costumes for Halloween.

Wear one of these hilarious couples’ costumes this Halloween

disco costume for halloween

1. Dy-no-mite

These matching disco stud costumes will make you want to boogie down on the dance floor. Perfect prep for breaking a sweat.

$24-$35 on

bacon and eggs couples' costume for halloween

2. Breakfast pairing

Bacon and eggs: a winning combo on the breakfast plate and a winning combination, it turns out, in couples' costumes.

$49.99 on

police costume for couples for halloween

3. Cop a feel

This sexy version of a male and female police officer duo (yes, Ed Banger and Anita Bribe) will definitely have you win the Halloween costume contest.

$42-$55 on

milk and cookies costumes for halloween

4. Dunkin' grownups

Dip your cookies in your partner’s milk – costume, that is. This fun couple’s outfit is comfortable, classic and made for foodies.

$49.99 on

adam and eve couples costumes for halloween

5. Origin story

Channel biblical times with a his and hers Adam and Eve set. These flesh-tone jumpsuits even come with leaves to cover your 'private parts'.

$40.99 on

peanut butter and jelly costume for halloween

6. Childhood favourites

Where does peanut butter and jelly rank on your sandwich preference list? If it’s high up, get your hands on this cheeky PB&J couples’ costume.

$61.99 on

Halloween Costumes for Couples

7. A shoe-in

This unisex pair of violet lace-up sneakers are what a good couples’ Halloween costume is all about – funny, coordinating, easy to slip on, and original.

$41.99 on

Nerds costume for halloween

8. A couple of nerds

If you’re two nerds already, why not unite to form one giant pack of Nerds? As a ’90s candy favorite, you’ll be the most popular couple at the Halloween party.

$50.36 on

Halloween Costumes for Couples
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9. It's electrifying

A plug (or is it a phone charger?) and socket costume is not only a great conversation starter, but will also get you totally charged up for after-hours activities.

$66.99 on

tacky tourist costumes for halloween

10. Which way’s the buffet?

Have you and your significant other always wanted to double as buffet hopping, fanny pack wearing, sock-and-sandal tourists? Well, this Halloween costume is your chance.

$26.99 on

popeye and olive oyl costumes for halloween

11. Aye aye, captain

When we think of a classic romance, we think of Popeye and Olive Oyl. Give the Halloween crowds your best sailor impression with this cute couples’ costume.

$50 on

Halloween Costumes for Couples

12. Hitting the bottle

Where you come on the condiment debate says a lot about you as an individual. State your opinion as a duo with this ketchup and mustard combo.

$34.99 on

Halloween Costumes for Couples

13. Fruity emoji fun

In keeping with modern themes, try out the eggplant and peach emoji costumes with your partner. You won’t be able to keep your hands off each other…or off your phones.

$21-$35 each on

rock paper scissors costume for halloween

14. Triple up

However simplistic, the trio of rock, paper and scissors will never fail to amuse. Grab a third friend and take the opportunity to rock this three-way costume.

$31.41 on

oreo costume for halloween

15. Same love

When two sides of an Oreo cookie come together, they join with a sweet, creamy center. How romantic for a couples’ costume!

$40.95 on


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