Brecken And Dustin St Louis, April 11 12

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Brecken And Dustin St Louis, April 11 12
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The event creator says
Date: April 11-12
Times: 1pm-6pm each day (3-4pm lunch)
Place: 2720 Cherokee St, St. Louis, MO

SATURDAY: 1-3pm, 4-6pm
Dustin 1-3 : Isolations 1, "Fundamentals and Exploration"
Brecken 4-6 : "Waves and Barrels- Catching a Ride"

SUNDAY: 1-3pm, 4-6pm
Dustin 1-3 : Isolations 2, "Smooth Like Butter"
Brecken 4-6 : "Figure 8's and Iso mirroring"

** 15% off for Return Students. Details below...

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Dustin 1: "Isolation Fundamentals and Explorations"
Foundations for very smooth, basic isolations and some creative two handed material that's more open to interpretation. This is a combo of the most necessary tools for solid, classic isolations and some of the newer, more experimental variations of it.

Brecken 1: "Waves and Barrels-Catching a Ride"
This is a class that’s perfect for expanding your range of hoop movement and also delving deeper into understanding it. Starting with a static framework, the class will soften into a means for "catching waves": engaging the space with our hoops; listening to nuances in balance and subtle hints in momentum; forming ramps and seeing them through. It's a personal fav. I think you'll like it.

Dustin 2 : "Smooth Like Butter- a Full Integration"
True illusion requires many more facets than just the obvious. In this class, we'll go into the use of our free arm to better develop it, as well as expand the range of motion and elevation, inviting a dynamic outlet.

Brecken 1: "Figure 8's and Iso mirroring"
I have this theory based on the “figure 8,” aka the infinity symbol, that it holds the keys to real transitioning, by shifting and reorienting us internally, while allowing the hoop as a guide for seamlessness. Found in our joint ranges, breathing rhythms and varying motor functions, the 8 is there to be amplified, softened and unraveled with the help of our trusty hula hoop.
For me, discovering 8’s has been my best hoop teacher since the hoop itself and in combination with the isolation, it adds a kind of "float" that can be used in some very interesting ways when mirrored by the body

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$115 for Whole Weekend
$65 one day

** 15% off :

If you have taken a class or classes with me before, i would LOVE to see you again and would love to offer a discount.
1. Just contact me via
2. I will reply with a discount code.
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:) xo
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