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Star Clipper Pokemon Battle Club
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Star Clipper Pokemon Battle Club says
Pokemon Masters! Come prove you're the very best that no one ever was at Star Clipper. We'll be hosting organized singles battles for the 3DS versions of Pokemon Sun & Moon on every second Wednesday of the month. $5 entry fee. The winner of the tournament will get the prize pot as store credit. One random player will win the chance to have a competitively bred Pokemon of their choice bred by Master Trainer Keya (the pokemon must be from the Alolan Pokedex or accessible in Pokemon X&Y/ORAS). Master Trainer Keya will also be on hand for tips on how to breed competitive Pokemon each time the battle club meets. If there is interest we can try VGC/Doubles format in the future. The rules and restrictions of Pokemon Battle Club will be organic and evolve over time based on player needs. A list of starting rules are listed below.

Rules include:
No legendary Pokemon
Sleep Restriction (max one Pokemon may be put to sleep at a time)
Evasion Restriction (No evasion boosting moves are allowed, and bright powder is banned. Evasion from abilities is ok I.E. Snow Cloak)
No Mega Evolutions
No duplicate items
No duplicate Pokemon
The ability Moody is banned
Rounds will consist of best of 3 matches
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By: Star Clipper