Jamie Oliver Planning To Open New Restaurant In Zurich

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Marcus Barnes
One of Britain's most famous celebrity chefs, Jamie Oliver, is planning to open a new restaurant in Zurich.
According to reports, Jamie will collaborate with Hungarian restaurant entrepreneur Roy Zsidai for the project, which could see the light of the day before the end of the year.
Zsidai toldSwiss weekly Schweiz am Wochenende that he has been already scouting for locations and that the restaurant - one of the British chef's Jamie's Italian eateries - would be opened this year if everything went according to plan. 
Since he hit UK TV screens in 1999 Jamie has made an impact all over the world thanks to his inspiring recipes and his mission to educate people about healthy eating.
His campaigns have captivated people across the UK, the US and further afield with a plethora of books published and a multi-faceted empire including restaurants, online media channels, a licensing company and a charitable wing that works with young people.
Jamie's Italian in Birmingham, UK
He has sold a staggering 37million books worldwide with '30-Minute Meals' the second best-selling non-fiction book in UK history.
Jamie has had a love affair with Switzerland for some time now, once saying, "The Swiss are unbelievable, they are perhaps my most loyal customers". According to statistics, per capita, the Swiss would have bought the most books from the famous chef. 

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News of the Zurich restaurant comes just a couple of months after Jamie’s Italian confirmed it was closing 12 of its UK restaurants, while a report in the UK’s Sun newspaper claimed the Italian restaurant chain had racked up debts of £71million pounds (83million francs).

However, Zsidai told Schweiz am Wochenende that the problems only affected the UK branch of the business and the international chain was a separate entity.

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