The Heligoats + Urbane Cowboys (Free) At New World Brewery

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The Heligoats + Urbane Cowboys (Free) At New World Brewery
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The Heligoats + Urbane Cowboys (Free) At New World Brewery says
Brokenmold Entertainment, Boulevard Brewing Co. & New World Brewery Presents
Wednesday, April 20th 2016

The Heligoats
& Urbane Cowboys

* part of the Award-Winning Acoustic BBQ Series
* 100% FREE Concert
* Bird's Famous $5 Chicken Plates

"We all know that "long-awaited" is overused in band bios, but ask any hardcore Heligoats or Troubled Hubble fans and they will tell you that they've worn out the edges of their seats waiting for the newest release from Chris Otepka, the man behind The Heligoats.

The Heligoats was Otepka's first songwriting outlet. He wrote his first pieces in 1998 before eventually forming Chicago-based Troubled Hubble, a successful touring band that took up much of his musical energy from 1999-2005. During lulls in Troubled Hubble's career, Otepka would still write songs for The Heligoats, some of which ended up as TH songs, but most of which can be found on his various Heligoats recordings: Heated Arguments, Mountains, Sapling Sessions, etc. After Troubled Hubble played their last show, Otepka began working on The End of All-Purpose.

Being the perfectionist that he is, Otepka took a few years to record, listen, re-mix, and finish up these six songs, all the while touring and writing a full-length (out in early 2009). This is only the beginning of The Heligoats' path."


"The Heligoats' Chris Otepka writes songs that are brainy in the best way: clever without straining for cuteness, wry but never smug. Ideas flow out of him in a barrage, which means that a song about science — like "I'm Pretty Sure I Can See Molecules," by his ludicrously underappreciated former band Troubled Hubble — ultimately unfurls into a knockout commentary on what we're made of, what our lives mean, and how the two notions intersect.

"Fish Sticks," from The Heligoats' forthcoming album Goodness Gracious, requires multiple listens to pin down its meaning; the song churns so urgently — it's so overstuffed — that it can be hard to parse. At its core, though, it's about a guy who starts a biosphere in a swamp, only to discover that doing so alienates him from both the world he's escaping and the one he's made for himself.

Whichever side of the fishbowl he's facing, Otepka doles out observations and sonic adventure with tremendous generosity. He writes like someone who's always taking things apart to see how they work, who's obsessed with circuitry and ecology, so it's no surprise that his songs practically burst with intellectual curiosity. Otepka may yearn for evolution to reverse itself — "Let's just turn back into amphibians / Let's just tread until our legs give in / and start over" — but his mind will never slow down enough for him to find that kind of simplicity or peace. Thank goodness for that."- NPR
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