Vongola Famiglia: Introductory To Mafioso

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Vongola Famiglia:  Introductory To Mafioso
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Vongola Famiglia: Introductory To Mafioso says
Vongola Primo & Guardians , also known from the Vongola Famiglia, are all gathered here today to teach you the ways of mafioso and in how become as one . Each one has their own set of rules and tips, so take notes. Making appearances are the first-generation members and founders of the Vongola Famiglia:

(-) Giotto the Vongola Boss
(-) G. the Storm Guardian
(-) Ugetsu Asari the Rain Guardian
(-) Lampo the Lightning Guardian
(-) Alaude the Cloud Guardian
(-) Knuckle the Sun Guardian
(-) Daemon Spade the Mist Guardian


(-) Time: July 13, 2015 "Saturday"
(-) Date: 6:00 pm
(-) Location: Panel Room 18
(-) Duration: 1 hour

Therefore we, Vongola Mafioso Famiglia , humbly invite everyone to join us on this very amusing, filled with laughter and hilarious random moments with our guardians. So, Please come and attend as we will be having ...........

(-) Vongola Family Introduction
(-) Vongola Family Rules
(-) Vongola Family Q & A
(-) And much more....

So don't miss out!!! See you all there!!!

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask!

Thank You!!!
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