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The best online trivia games

In the mood for a quiz, but don't want to change out of your pjs? We've got you covered

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Tim Lowery

Socialising is fun 'n' all, but sometimes having plans every night of the week gets a bit much. Sometimes you just can't hack yet another pub quiz on a rainy Wednesday evening. But if that is the case, we’ve got the perfect antidote.

Over on the internet, there’s a ton of trivia sites so you can quiz it up at home with your pals, and get your socialising in without having to change out of your pyjamas. So if that sounds like your dream come true, read on. We've got everything from general knowledge to the nichest of niche. Enjoy!

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Best trivia games to play remotely

The company boasts a few online trivia games, in which you can connect on a video conference, then all play via your phones (see the instructions for how to do that below): There’s its namesake, the classic You Don’t Know Jack; there’s Trivia Murder Party, in which you try to avoid “the killing floor” by answering questions correctly; and then there’s Fibbage, in which players must identify missing details in facts. We suggest nabbing one of Jack’s party packs (they sell for between $25 and $30, which each include five trivia games). If you need more instructions, here's a tutorial on how to play Jackbox Games via Zoom

This free-of-charge RTG offers party-gamers six categories—arts, science, general, geography, history and entertainment—and then a virtually endless slew of questions in each. It’s super easy to play: Simply pick your category, then scroll through the questions. To see the answer to a question, click on it. And...that’s about it. As far as the logistics of playing, we suggest having one person host, share their screen with the group and reveal answers. 


Lovatt's is perfect for groups of friends or families, as you can choose categories based on what you fancy. It's completely free, and you can choose from geography, science, entertainment, history, food & drink and more. Questions are updated daily (you can 10 in each round) so you can go again and again without ever getting the same answer twice (and it lets you keep your score on the site!)

TriviaNerd does what it says on the tin, but you don't have to be a self-proclaimed nerd to use it. There's over 10,000 games on its platform, with everything from general knowledge to quizzes all about the Simpsons. There's even a new AI-powered generator to make your own bespoke games. The best part? You can use TriviaNerd to host at-home trivia nights too. 


5. DIY trivia games night

Although it takes a lot more elbow grease, we’ve probably had the most fun concocting our own trivia nights with pals. By nature, the questions are obviously more catered to your group, so you can go highlight interests you all share. (We've had recent rounds on the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s, Parks and Recreation, the late-great John Prine and the chart-topping songs of 1978.) So how do you do it? Tweak the following as you see fit, but this has worked wonders for us: 

1. Have a different host each game, who is in charge of devising questions, moving from round to round and keeping track of scores.

2. Have answers submitted via text message to the host after the end of each round.

3. Give the answers to each round once all answers are in.

4. Give a total-score check for each player or team every other round.

5. Have a slideshow for all questions on a shared screen, so hosts don’t have to reread any long ones.  


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