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Atélier des Lumières, Paris
Photograph: Culturespaces E. Spiller

You need to go to this immersive art gallery in Paris

At the Atelier des Lumières, you’ll experience the world’s greatest paintings in a whole new way

Written by
kyra hanson

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a pastoral scene in a gilt frame – that’s why most big cities have a national art museum or something along those lines. But for some really blow-your-mind, send-your-Insta-likes-rocketing immersive art, you’ll need to hit up the Atelier des Lumières in Paris’s 11th arrondissement.

The interior of this former iron foundry has been transformed into a vast technicolour canvas by Culturespaces, the multimedia mavericks behind the Carrières de Lumières in Provence. It launched in 2018 with m
ore than 100 video projectors bringing to life the paintings of two titans of the Viennese art scene: Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

Atelier des Lumières, Paris Photograph: Culturespaces

Okay, so visitors weren’t able to see Klimt and Schiele’s fabulously overwrought portraits IRL. But they were able to legit say they’ve walked around inside ‘The Kiss’.

Atelier des Lumières, Paris Photograph: Culturespaces / E Venturelli

The Atelier des Lumières exhibition changes annually; in 2019, it’s taking on the late works of Vincent Van Gogh, letting visitors step straight into ‘Starry Night’. And in our hypersaturated visual culture, that beats just looking at art, right?

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