14 Evenings

14 Evenings

Dancers, playwrights, authors and world-famous composers will be heading to the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo during this fortnight-long series of evening performances – all of them free. As the museum undergoes a major renovation to coincide with its 60th anniversary, it'll be opening one of its main exhibition spaces for the titular '14 Evenings'. Highlights include experimental theatre troupe Tokyo Deathlock (August 26), composer and former Fluxus member Takehisa Kosugi (September 1), improv giant Yoshihide Otomo and his One Day Ensembles unit (September 2) and the adventurous dancers of the Kamimura Megumi Company (September 3). The best, however, comes last of all: famed pianist and composer Toshi Ichiyanagi will play the final event, on September 8. Note that reservations aren't required for any of the performances, and there'll also be food and refreshments available each evening, courtesy of 'Beer MOMAT'.

August 26: Tokyo Deathlock
August 27: Shin Fukunaga, Hideo Furukawa, Shuntaro Tanikawa
August 28: Yuki Okumura
August 29: No Collective
August 30: Natsuko Tezuka
August 31: Shinichi Takashima
September 1: Takehisa Kosugi
September 2: Yoshihide Otomo One Day Ensembles
September 3: Kamimura Megumi Company
September 4: Core of Bells
September 5: Kohei Kobayashi
September 6: Takuya Murakawa
September 7: Satoshi Hashimoto
September 8: Toshi Ichiyanagi

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