Nobuyoshi Araki: Photo-Crazy A

Art, Photography
『写狂老人A日記 2017.7.7』2017

Time Out says

Nobuyoshi Araki is arguably one of Japan's greatest living photographers. Having worked consistently – some would say maniacally – since the 1960s, his oeuvre has been met with exalted praise and deep criticism alike for anything from its intensely personal touch to its sensual, occasionally semi-pornographic imagery. 2017 seems to be the year of Araki, with his work being displayed at least three different solo exhibitions in Tokyo. This one, at the Opera City gallery, sees more than 1,000 of the revered snapper's photographs, spanning the entirety of his career, displayed alongside scrapbooks from Araki's early years. One of the underlying themes here is the relation between life and death, which is also the red line tying all of Araki's work together – although not always in ways that are apparent or easy to understand.



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