Adolf Wölfli: A Kingdom of 25,000 Pages

アドルフ・ヴェルフリ 二萬五千頁の王国
アドルフ・ヴェルフリ 二萬五千頁の王国
アドルフ・ヴェルフリ 二萬五千頁の王国

If your tastes in art range from folky and visionary to surreal and paranoid, the Tokyo Station Gallery's spring show might be something for you. Highlighting the works of Swiss outsider Adolf Wölfli (1864-1930), an inspiration for practicioners in many different fields and a hugely productive artist – he is said to have produced over 1,600 illustrations while living at the mental hospital he had been admitted to at the age of 31 – this exhibition is the first major showcase of Wölfli's pieces in Japan. Composed of 74 works that cover his entire career, 'A Kingdom of 25,000 Pages' ought to make for a comprehensive introduction to the man later recognised as a pioneer of the Art Brut movement.


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