Akira Kinoshita: Portrait with a Stone

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木之下晃 作品展「石を聞く肖像」
木之下晃 作品展「石を聞く肖像」
木之下晃 作品展「石を聞く肖像」

Having spent over half of his 40-plus-year career shooting portraits of classical musicians, composers and conductors, photographer Akira Kinoshita passed away in 2015 at the age of 78. Look back at his impressive oeuvre at the JCII Photo Salon, where a selection of photos from the 'Ishi: Portrait with a Stone' series – portraits capturing over 200 artists as they handle an egg-shaped stone – are displayed throughout October. Subjects include ballet director and choreographer Roland Petit, conductor Claudio Abbado and mime Marcel Marceau.


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