Architecture Since 3.11

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Photo: Hatakeyama Naoya
Photo: Takano Ryudai
Photo: Tajiri Teruhisa

The triple disaster of 3.11 has had an immense impact on Japanese architects, many of whom were forced to re-evaluate ideas from structural durability to encouragement of community ties after the tsunami swept through the coastal areas of Tohoku, destroying everything in its path. The aftermath of the disaster also brought issues of energy use and environmental concerns to the forefront. Combined with social trends such as the aging population and a low birthrate, these currents have inspired architects to look in new and often surprising directions. This exhibit, first held in Kanazawa, now comes to Mito's Art Tower and presents the future-oriented efforts of 21 architects, divided into sections like 'Thinking about energy', 'Re-evaluating local resources', 'Broadening the role of architecture' and 'Post-disaster activities'. Sounds like a useful opportunity for learning more about how the region – and Japan as a whole – is taking the lessons of 3.11 to heart.


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