Art Colours Vol. 16 - The Spring of Life

A painting by On Yamamoto
'Kyoto Spring of Kiyomizu' © On Yamamoto
A painting by Yuji Moriguchi
'The Old Town Labyrinth' © Yuji Moriguchi
Ukiyo-e by Yumisho of Katsukawa school
'Young Man and Women at a Party' by Yumisho of Katsukawa School

Steadfast in their pursuit of introducing Japanese art to their guests, the majority of whom come from overseas, the Park Hotel Tokyo has announced the 16th edition of their seasonal Art Colours Exhibition. Held on the 25th floor of the hotel, which overlooks Tokyo Tower against the backdrop of Mount Fuji, the exhibition features contemporary art as well as ukiyo-e curated under the common theme of the spring season. Viewing is accompanied by tea and desserts under the grand atrium ceiling of the hotel. Rolling into the late hours, cocktails inspired by the artworks are also on offer.


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