Babaghuri Kitchen I Sosogu mono

Babaghuri Kitchen I Sosogu mono

Presented by Jurgen Lehl, a company known for creating various goods, including clothing, jewelry, household goods and confectionary, entirely from natural materials, ‘Sosogu mono’ is an exhibition that touches upon the tea culture of a number of different countries. In a world where convenience has made a variety of different teas readily available in plastic bottles, it’s all too easy to forget the joys of brewing and enjoying tea using proper utensils. With a focus on items made and selected by Jurgen Lehl, the exhibition includes approximately three hundred items – such as small teapots and earthenware pots – to create a colourful display of tea-related items and utensils made from a variety of different materials. Opening on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays for the duration of the display, a special café, named ‘Babaghuri Kitchen’, will be open for Okinawan herb teas, rice flour cookies, muffins and more.

Event phone: 03 3820 8825
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