Cafe in Mito R

Art, Outdoor art
Aiko Miyanaga: Waiting for awakening -clock- 2014. ©MIYANAGA Aiko Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery
Makiko Yamamoto: Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History Ogushi Kaizuka

Celebrating 25 years since the opening of Mito's Art Tower, this exhibit takes over the facility's gallery and parts of the city with pieces by nine up-and-coming artists. Themed around 'revival', 'recollection', 'renewable energy' and other words beginning with R, it's an effort aimed at introducing visitors to the city's sights through art, and will include a total of 100 happenings throughout the event period. Head on up to Ibaraki in late summer and prepare to have your vistas widened.

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