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  1. ケイブ アユミ
    Photo: Yulia SkogorevaAri Saarto "Tranquillity" 展示風景
  2. ケイブ アユミ
    画像提供:CAVE-AYUMI GALLERY(Photo: Yulia Skogoreva)CAVE-AYUMIGALLERYエントランス
  3. ケイブ アユミ
    Photo: Michikusa Okutani

Time Out says

Beyond its numerous bars and eateries, Kagurazaka is a neighbourhood full of tiny galleries and art spaces. Located next to Kagurazaka Station, Cave-Ayumi Gallery opened in 2015 and introduces the works of up-and-coming young artists from both Japan and abroad. Enter through the copper-plated doorway and you’ll find a 103sqm minimalist space with bare white walls and a concrete ceiling. The gallery's name is not only inspired by its basement location, but the fact that caves are thought to be the earliest kind of gathering place, where people made murals on walls to tell commubnicate and tell stories to each other.


東京都新宿区矢来町114 高橋ビル 地下2階
Opening hours:
12pm-7pm, closed Wed-Thurs
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