Ceramic Artist Tsuji Seimei: The Beauty of Akaru Sabi

Art, Ceramics and pottery
陶匠 辻清明の世界―明る寂びの美
陶匠 辻清明の世界―明る寂びの美
陶匠 辻清明の世界―明る寂びの美

Based in western Tokyo for most of his life, ceramic artist Seimei Tsuji (1927-2008) trained under Kenkichi Tomimoto, Hazan Itaya and other giants of modern Japanese pottery, eventually specialising in the art of yakishime (high-fired, unglazed stoneware). It was in this field that Tsuji left a lasting contribution, constructing his very own aesthetic – one distinguished by asymmetric forms and earthy colours. Known as akaru sabi, it is the focus of this extensive retrospective, which consists of around 150 of Tsuji's finest works, including calligraphy and items from his private collection. Looking back at the wide-ranging creative influences of an avant-garde master, it also incorporates pieces from ancient Peru and works produced by Western-style painter Takeo Yamaguchi, American ceramic sculptor Peter Voulkos and artists at Tsuji’s studio.


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