Cézanne: Pioneer of Modern Art

Art, Painting
Paul Cézanne: 'Still Life with Pear', 1893-1894. Pola Museum of Art Collection
Paul Cézanne: 'Four Women Bathing', 1877-1878. Pola Museum of Art Collection
Paul Cézanne: 'Bouquet of Flowers', 1892-1895. National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo Collection. On display Apr 4-Jun 7

Although now respected as the painter who brought visual art into the 20th century, Post-Impressionist master Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) was shunned and ridiculed by the Paris establishment until late in his life, when he had already left the capital for his native Provence. Hakone's Pola Museum now looks back at this innovator's life and work with this extensive retrospective, featuring work both by Cézanne himself and by artists influenced and inspired by him, from Pissarro to Picasso.

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