Contemporary Art Experimental Exhibition: Perspectives (1)

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現代美術実験展示 パースペクティヴ(1)
現代美術実験展示 パースペクティヴ(1)

Jointly operated by Japan Post and the University of Tokyo, the multifaceted Intermediatheque inside the Kitte complex right by Tokyo Station remains a niche spot despite its superb location. That's a real shame: it's one of the city's rare free museums and often puts on interesting exhibitions, such as this one exploring connections between contemporary art and science. Early 20th-century steel shelves from the university's archives, made in an era when the experimental art movement blossomed in Europe, will be used to display the work of contemporary artists inspired the pioneers of avant-garde. Sure to offer a range of new perspectives from which to appreciate art, the exhibition is also set to include talks with the artists and researchers from Todai. 


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