Damien Hirst: Prints

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Damien Hirst: Prints
Round 2002 etching sheet size: 91.5 x 71.0cm ©Damien Hirst

Having rocked and shocked the world for well over two decades now, Damien Hirst's work may divide critical opinion, but there's no denying that his ongoing play with life and death is impactful. Less widely recognised than his large-scale work but equally irreverent and interesting are these 'spin drawings' created for the 2002 'In a Spin, the Action of the World on Things, Volume I' series. Etched on rotating plates with needles and screwdrivers, the pieces present a world free from the bounds of structure and regularity. Check out the full 23-part collection at Shibuya's Tomio Koyama Gallery in February.


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