Darren Almond: Within The Shadow of The Sun

Art Free
ダレン・アーモンド 陽の光のかげで

British artist Darren Almond has been making his ‘Fullmoon’ photographs for over a decade now, travelling to ever more remote and starkly beautiful environments to shoot them in the middle of the night with only the full moon for illumination. This show at Yanaka's Scai the Bathhouse takes things in a slightly different direction, focusing on Almond's recent, more experimental work. Pondering themes like how we understand space and time, the artist has created a video projection of the sun interacting with the moon, a work consisting of mirrored panels resembling flip-style clocks, as well as a series of star paintings on aluminium panels. 'Within The Shadow of The Sun' sees these three sets of pieces interact, challenging the viewer to ponder their respective functions and connection.


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