Dayanita Singh: Museum Bhavan

Art, Photography
ダヤニータ・シン インドの大きな家の美術館
ダヤニータ・シン インドの大きな家の美術館
ダヤニータ・シン インドの大きな家の美術館

Indian photographer Dayanita Singh takes on the Photographic Art Museum for her first solo exhibition in Japan. Having left a career in photojournalism after becoming disillusioned with the poverty-ridden, exoticised understanding of her home country held by the Western publications she worked for, Singh is now widely renowned for her creation of 'book-objects' – photo books that are also exhibitions, catalogues and pieces of visual art – which are also referred to as 'museums'. This two-part display consists of one such project and an introductory section that draws on landmark Singh pieces such as 'Myself Mona Ahmed’ (1989-2000), which focuses on India's eunuchs, and 'I Am As I Am' (1999-), an exploration of female students at a monastery in Varanasi.


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