Definitive Nihonga Masterpieces: The Kyoto Art World

日本画の教科書 京都編 ―栖鳳、松園から竹喬、平八郎へ―

Continuing to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Hiroo's Yamatane Museum now turns the focus to canonical works in the field of Nihonga (traditional Japanese painting). Drawing on its extensive permanent collection, assembled by Yamatane Securities founder Taneji Yamazaki (1893-1983) – who knew many of the greatest painters of his era personally – the museum is putting on a two-part exhibition on the very best of Nihonga from the 19th century up to the present. With a Tokyo-centred display to come later, the first part focuses on Kyoto and its many masters, including the likes of Seiho Takeuchi, Shoen Uemura, Chikkyo Ono, Heihachiro Fukuda, Kayo Yamaguchi and Shoko Uemura. A total of around 60 pieces tell the story of how the ancient capital's painters fused centuries-old tradition with Western influences and transcended existing frameworks in search of a new terrain in Nihonga. Consider checking out their works in kimono – anyone visiting in traditional garb will be eligible for a ticket price discount. 


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