Demarcation by Akira Takayama and Meiro Koizumi

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Another Vision (Juan Pablo)|2012|site specific video installation Photo courtesy of the artist and Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam
Kein Licht (No light) IIî (based on ìFukushima ñ Epilog?î by Elfriede Jelinek)|2012|tour performance Photo credit: 蓮沼昌宏/Masahiro Hasunuma
Portrait of a Young Samurai (4 screen version)|2009|video installation © Meiro Koizumi, Courtesy of PinchukArtCentre, photo by Sergey Illin

Shining the spotlight on two artists who deal with themes of frustration and alienation in modern, regimented society, 'Demarcation' at Ginza's Maison Hermès features theatre director Akira Takayama, leader of the Port B unit, and video artist Meiro Koizumi, who's been making ever-higher waves since exhibiting at the Mori Museum back in 2009. Takayama's work is particularly notable, as it builds on the impressive traditions of Japanese avant-garde performance art in the vein of Shuji Terayama and company, emphasising site-specific, interactive projects that encourage participants to question existing social norms and understandings.

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