Depicting Water: Hiroshige’s Rain, Gyokudo’s Brooks, and Togyu’s Maelstroms

水を描く ―広重の雨、玉堂の清流、土牛のうずしお―

One of the premier museums in the country specialising in Japanese paintings, the Yamatane Museum of Art is focusing on all things water this summer. From Edo-era ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) to modern-style Nihonga (Japanese paintings), a curated selection of work inspired by oceans, rivers, waterfalls, rain and more will be on display, including works from masters such as Yokoyama Taikan, Kawai Gyokudo and Okumura Togyu. The collection shows the full force of the aquatic element: as a fierce agent, a calming force, a beautiful mirror... and they make a good way to cool down in the hot summer.


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