Dialogue with Trees: Five Stories of Rebirth and Renewal

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開館90周年記念展 「木々との対話──再生をめぐる5つの風景」
開館90周年記念展 「木々との対話──再生をめぐる5つの風景」
開館90周年記念展 「木々との対話──再生をめぐる5つの風景」

Now housed in a brick-faced building designed by pioneering architect Kunio Maekawa, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum was originally founded in Ueno Park back in 1926. Now celebrating its 90th birthday, it puts on this exhibition focused on wooden works by five leading names of Japanese contemporary art: Takamasa Kuniyasu, Yoshihiro Suda, Kyoji Takubo, Yoshimasa Tsuchiya and Katsura Funakoshi. From Kuniyasu's giant installations to Suda's extremely detailed flower sculptures and Takubo's dramatic recreations of aged trees, the display explores themes like vitality, rebirth and the ancient symbolism associated with wooden objects. 


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