DMM Planets – Art by teamLab

  • Art

Time Out says

'Ultra-technologists' TeamLab are renowned for their large-scale art installations that make use of the latest computer modelling techniques to create some seriously impressive visual experiences. Now teaming up with Fuji TV and sprawling e-commerce business for their biggest digital blast so far, the world-conquering unit are setting up an enormous labyrinth inside Odaiba's futuristic Fuji building, inviting you to stroll freely through an interactive world of flowers, crystals and giant koi carp. We're fully expecting this one to get at least as crowded as Nihonbashi's notorious Art Aquarium, so if you've got a little extra cash, consider opting for one of the 'priority tickets' (¥3,500, children aged 6-15 ¥2,000). 


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