Ei-Q 1935-1937: Seeking the 'Real' in the Dark

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《作品》1937 年頃、コラージュ、東京国立近代美術館蔵
《二人》1935 年、油彩・厚紙、東京国立近代美術館蔵
瑛九1935-1937 闇の中で「レアル」をさがす
瑛九ポートレート、1936 年、東京国立近代美術館蔵

Born Hideo Sugita in 1911, the avant-garde artist better known as Ei-Q worked across fields as varied as engraving, photography, oil painting and collage over a highly productive career that was cut short by his premature death in 1960. The National Museum of Modern Art's retrospective shines a light on the period between 1935, when Ei-Q still went by his real name, and 1937, when his pseudonymic activities were already in full swing, dividing the enigmatic visionary's work into four distinct sections. In addition to pieces by the protagonist himself, you'll see art and correspondence by Coshun Yamada, a contemporary and friend of Ei-Q with whom he exchanged frequent letters.


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