Eiji Ohashi ‘Roadside Lights / Being there’

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大橋英児「Roadside Lights/Being there」
大橋英児「Roadside Lights/Being there」
大橋英児「Roadside Lights/Being there」

Well known for his documentary photography of minorities living in the Himalayas and Tibet, Eiji Ohashi’s recent project showcases a variety of vending machines across Japan. Ohashi lives in Hokkaido where constant heavy snowfall is common during winter, and during this time he captured something that would spur on his project. One evening the artist came across a vending machine whose top was buried under an immense pile of snow, and since that day he started taking photographs of this unique scenery. The first part of the exhibition focuses on his collection of ‘Roadside Lights’, while the second half focuses on his black-and-white works, entitled ‘Being there’.

Note: The gallery is closed on June 5 due to exhibition change.


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