From Nirvana to Catastrophe: Yutaka Matsuzawa and his ‘Commune in Imaginary Space’

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ニルヴァーナからカタストロフィーへ — 松澤宥と虚空間のコミューン

A pioneer of Conceptualism in Japan, Yutaka Matsuzawa (1922-2006) reached his artistic zenith between the years 1969 and 1973, which coincided with his epoch-making 'Nirvana' exhibition and active correspondence with like-minded artists overseas. Roppongi's Ota Fine Arts now shines a light on this inspiring era through the medium of Matsuzawa's 'mail art' – communally produced works that will be displayed alongside pieces by like-minded artists such as Shuzo Takiguchi, Tatsuo Kawaguchi and Yoshie Yoshida.


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