Gaëtan Kubo: My Body is my Laboratory. Or I Call it Earth Coincidence Control Office

Art Free

Fresh off a solo exhibtion at the ICC in Hatsudai, where his pieces are also part of the ongoing Open Space 2016, Tokyo native Gaëtan Kubo now unveils a new installation at the Kodama Gallery. An extension of the 'Research & Destroy' project that led Kubo to study his own ancestry (his great-grandfather was a navy officer) and tie it together with themes related to the ideas of American consciousness researcher John C Lilly, 'My Body is...' even includes materials earned by entering a real isolation tank – a tool of sensory deprivation employed by Lilly in his studies. Check out this high-flying show by March 4, and take the opportunity to also visit the neighbouring galleries while you're at the new Terrada Art Complex.


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