Giorgio Morandi: Infinite Variations

ジョルジョ・モランディ ―終わりなき変奏
ジョルジョ・モランディ ―終わりなき変奏
ジョルジョ・モランディ ―終わりなき変奏

Some people say it with flowers, but Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964) only ever needed the vase. He did depict blooms, of roses or zinnias, but they seem to have drooped and withered somewhat under the undoubted hours of intense scrutiny, while his assembled bottles, jars and sugar pots stand proud and permanent. Known almost exclusively for such singularly specific and small arrangements of still lifes, the artist hardly ever left his home town of Bologna, maintaining quite a distance from the drastic changes Italy underwent around him. Realised with the cooperation of the Museo Morandi in Bologna, this retrospective – first planned for spring 2011 but cancelled due to the disasters of 3.11 – features around 50 oil paintings and another 50 related works, offering an extensive look at Morandi's fascinating career.


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