Goma Exhibition ‘Kioku’

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Goma Exhibition ‘Kioku’

This is the first exhibition of paintings by Goma, a musician who plays the world’s oldest instrument – the didgeridoo. In November 2009, Goma was involved in a traffic accident in which he received a strong blow to the brain resulting in him suffering from Higher Brain Dysfunction. He lost sections of his memory, not even knowing what a didgeridoo was. One day he suddenly felt an urge to draw so he picked up a paint brush and began to draw whatever sprung to mind. Presently, he is undergoing rehabilitation and is also painting and practicing playing the didgeridoo. On his blog he writes, ‘I am not chasing the past, rather I am preparing to build the future. I am not a prisoner of the past, instead I am living each day the best that I can’. This exhibition has come about with the cooperation of many people who wanted to encourage Goma as he battles the isolating experience of having lost memory. On Friday, August 27 and Saturday August 28, Goma will be giving an acoustic performance as well as a screening of his DVD. Unfortunately, tickets for this event are sold out. However, we highly recommend checking out his paintings.

Event website: http://www.gomaweb.net