Hatsumode at the Museum 2017

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国宝「松林図屏風(左隻)」長谷川等伯筆 安土桃山時代・16世紀[1月2日(月・休)~15日(日)
「芭蕉孤鶴図」黒川亀玉筆 江戸時代・18世紀[1月2日(月・休)~2月5日(日)]
「獅子舞」※過去の実施例 実施日は1月2日(月)、1月3日(火)

Celebrate the start of 2017 with hatsumode (first prayer of the year) at the National Museum. Visit the special exhibition on Chinese zodiac-related pieces, including Hasegawa Tohaku's gorgeous ink 'Pine Trees', check out the flower arrangements around the Main Building's entrance, and enjoy taiko drum, rakugo and lion dance performances (Jan 2 & 3 only). And if all that's not enough, you can also take a look at the recently renovated Kuroda Memorial Hall, which houses an impressive selection of Meiji-era painter Kuroda Seiki's Western-style masterpieces.


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