Hi-Red Center – Through Photographs and Works

Art Free

Formed by vanguard artists Jiro Takamatsu, Genpei Akasegawa and Natsuyuki Nakanishi in the ’60s, the Hi-Red Center collective aimed to use art to stir up and blow sparks into the tediousness of daily life. Some of their most famous works include 'The Yamanote Line Incident' and 'Cleaning Campaign in the Tokyo Capital Region' – in which the group dressed up in white costumes and unnecessarily cleaned up the streets of Tokyo in reaction to the tightened security measures put in place during the first Tokyo Olympics. Look back at those performances and much more at this two-part exhibition, which consists of documentary photographs (June 23-July 13) and physical works by the aforementioned trio (from July 15). And in case you're wondering what the curious name means, it's made up of the first word of each member's surname: 'hi' (taka), 'red' (aka) and 'center' (naka).


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