Impressionist Masterpieces from the Marmottan Monet Museum

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Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris © Christian Baraja
Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris © Bridgeman-Giraudon

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Impressionist pioneer Claude Monet has to be one of the best-appreciated Western artists in Japan: hardly a year goes by without some museum in the country putting on a special exhibition dedicated to the French master, while every self-respecting curator apparently has no choice but to include a Monet or three in his or her collection. Still, it is rare to see a display as extensive as this autumn special at Ueno's Metropolitan Art Museum: featuring around 90 paintings from the Marmottan Monet Museum in Paris, including the iconic 'Impression, Sunrise' (on display Sep 19-Oct 18), it offers an in-depth look at Monet's career and influence on the Impressionist movement. Opening hours are extended to 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays between September 19 and October 18.


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