Kanae Entani’s solo exhibition ‘China Moon’


Embroidery artist Kanae Entani holds her solo exhibition ‘China Moon’ in Kichijoji’s Niji Gallery. After moving to the UK at the age of 19, she worked as an assistant for Donna Wilson, a famous producer of knitted characters, and artist Lizzie Finn. Entani followed her passion and became an independent embroidery artist. Her exhibition shows the world of a fictional, pastel-coloured tea room entitled ‘China Moon’.

On April 14 and 15 (12.30pm-2.30pm) you can participate in embroidery workshops, creating the cat teapot seen on the first picture. While working on your own cute character, enjoy some heavenly treats provided by Nishi-ogikubo’s famous sweets shop iplikana. (Participation cost ¥4,500)

On April 22, the exhibition is accompanied with sounds of harp and guitar duo Tico Moon. Check the official website for more details.


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