Karl Lagerfeld: Versailles a l'ombre du soleil

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カール ラガーフェルド写真展「太陽の宮殿 ヴェルサイユの光と影」
カール ラガーフェルド写真展「太陽の宮殿 ヴェルサイユの光と影」
カール ラガーフェルド写真展「太陽の宮殿 ヴェルサイユの光と影」

Take this opportunity to check out shots of the Château de Versailles taken by internationally recognised fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Although it may not be a widely known fact, many in the fashion world remember that Lagerfeld has actually also been working as a professional photographer since 1987, and to quite some critical acclaim. Here, photos from his exhibition at Versailles in 2008 will be exhibited in Japan for the first time, while you can also witness some of his work with Gerhard Steidl – and see that The Karl indeed appears to be capable of creating virtually anything. 


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