Kawasaki City Museum

Art Kanagawa
Kawasaki City Museum

The Kawasaki Shimin Museum opened in 1988 serving as museum-cum-gallery. The museum’s collection includes various exhibits that shed light on the history of the Tama River farming community including elements such as folk records, local artefacts dating back to between the Palaeolithic period and Yayoi period, models of ancient stone tombs from the Kofun period to the Heian period, documents relating to medieval manors, as well as records from local Kawasaki inns (Kawasaki having been an inn town in the Edo period). Visitors will be sure to gain an understanding about the city of Kawasaki and its inhabitants. If art is more your thing, the gallery has mostly contemporary art including photography and graphic design. There is also a media art collection, silent films, Japanese cinematic masterpieces and a comprehensive collection of over 80,000 works detailing the history of Japanese manga.


Venue name: Kawasaki City Museum
Address: 1-2 Todoroki, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki

Transport: Musashi-Kosugi Station (Nambu, Yokosuka, Tokyu Toyoko, Tokyu Meguro lines), 10 minutes by bus from station
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